Electric motors recycling

Electric motors are everywhere around us; from household appliances – like your washing machine or computer – to heavy industrial processes. Electric motors that power large pumps or machinery, for example. In new developments, we also find more and more forms of electric motors: from hybrid cars to wind turbines.

An electric motor is a typical example of something that “exists in all shapes and sizes.” Regardless of their age or size, we buy electric motors.

When a motor arrives at Interbaro, we first have to decide how we will process it. Smaller motors are shredded or exported, while larger motors are disassembled in our yard. There is no size or weight limitation. If necessary, motors are processes on site.

After a motor has been processed, all of the present resources – like copper, aluminium and iron – are ready to be used again.

Due to our experience working with electric motors, we can usually already give you a price indication for the motor in question.