Transformers form an essential part of our electricity grid. Transformers can be found in residential areas, industrial parks, at companies and of course at electric power plants.

Heavy duty transformers that weigh up to hundreds of tons, distribution transformers in all shapes and sizes, but also the smallest transformer, such as those found in adapters, are disassembled and processed at Interbaro Recycling.

Interbaro Recycling has had years of experience in recycling transformers and has all the necessary equipment to recycle them responsibly and in an environmentally friendly manner, according to the applicable rules and regulations. The materials – like iron, copper, aluminium, silicon, and so on – are readied to find their way back as reusable resources.

In addition to transformers, we are also your go-to point for transformer tins and silicon plates. This tin is packaged and consequently exported for reuse.