Interbaro Recycling has been active in the world of metals since 1970. We started as metal workers and developed in unison with the developments in the field into a


Interbaro specialises in the processing and disassembling of products. Cables, electric motors and transformers are examples of such products. Material that arrives at.


Interbaro Recycling would like to take a load off your back by taking responsibility for your metal recycling.

Technology that matters

Interbaro Recycling is an international player in the processing, trading and recycling of metals. Our enthusiastic team that possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience makes Interbaro Recycling an up-to-date and flexible metal recycling company that is ready for the future!

Cables, transformers, electric motors and stators are a few examples of products that we recycle. We recycle your metals in our purposefully designed machine park. Here, your metals are condensed and processed into reusable resources. Interbaro Recycling is constantly invested in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the processing and recycling of metal material that cannot be exported as a result of rules and regulations, as well as other material, allowing us to effectively compete with “low wage countries”.

After you have trusted us with your metal, you can rest assured that your material will be processed in an environmentally friendly way and in accordance with European regulations – at competitive prices.

Customer satisfaction, efficiency and speed are our top priorities. These spearheads make us your trustworthy partner in metal recycling.


Companies that are active in the Netherlands with regard to transporting, collecting, trading or brokering of/in hazardous or industrial waste must register for inclusion on the Dutch list of collectors, transporters, dealers and brokers of waste- the VIHB list. Foreign companies that perform these activities on Dutch territory must also be included on the VIHB list. The NIWO deals with applications for listing on the VIHB list. Interbaro is of course fully certified. Interbaro is also registered with the Openbare Vlaamse Afvalstoffen Maatschappij (Public Waste Agency of Flanders) and has permits allowing underground cables collected by waste collection companies in Belgium to be processed. The Province of Gelderland has also granted Interbaro an environmental permit for activities including storage, transhipment and reception of cable residue waste (paper and plastic insulated cables, underground cables and other cable residues).

We are certified: